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With over 15 years’ experience in the field of the security industry, Mihai Stanescu, General Manager of GTS Global Intelligence, has become one of the most important players in the development of “big data” platforms in Romania

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In an exclusive interview for OSPA Romania, Mihai Stanescu talks about what it meant to win the OSPA award with his flagship product: CAVI Smart Monitoring, a full enterprise IOT platform to monitor and manage complex infrastructure demands

“The ability to expose our solutions to a well-informed audience and to allow them to be analyzed of a professional jury motivated us to pay close attention to all details. We were aware that a good result within OSPA awards can promote us abroad. Yes, I knew OSPA was an international project and I knew that all award-winning solutions would be exposed to an audience that crosses Romania’s borders. It was a feeling of pride and fulfillment dedicated to the entire team, from the development team to those involved in its implementation, together we built a powerful IOT platform: CAVI SMART MONITORING. The award was a three-year sustained work, it did not come easy, and that made it more valuable to us. ” said Mihai Stanescu


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