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We pride ourselves with a new project: Cinemax – Veranda Mall

The Cinemax project started in 2018 and starting with this fall, the visitors will be able to enjoy their first movies that will be broadcast in the 12 Cinemax rooms at Veranda Mall.

Our team has constantly worked on innovative solutions for this project that meet the client’s requirements. The cinema has an area of ​​over 3.500 sqm, and lends elements of different styles, being a mix between special and original. For us, the project was really a challenge and an experience from which we had a lot to learn. Each movie theater has its own electrical panel and its own source chart. Our team handled all the architectural lighting from the halls and from the main corridors. The most interesting part was the integration of lighting in scenarios that meet certain patterns, plus taking over all the orders for these in the BMS. We could say that BMS is the main operational part of this cinema.

Our team designed the infrastructure for the security systems and at the same time, we have managed to put them into operation at the required parameters.

Cinemax is the largest multiplex cinema chain in Slovakia, and in 2018 announced its entry into the Romanian market and the opening of its first cinema in Veranda Mall,

Bucharest. Cinemax Veranda will have two rooms and a VIP lounge.

Many thanks to our colleagues involved in this project! Another successful project has been added to the GTS portfolio.




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