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”While every industry has its unique challenges, securing employees, protecting company assets, and optimizing business operations is vital for all organizations today. Our integrated security software solutions developed and delivered by GTS Group combine technology leadership and practical expertise to meet the diverse needs of modern-day enterprises.

Our security solutions serve both private and government customers in mitigating physical risks and assuring operational continuity. Our comprehensive security market knowledge sustained by a competitive technical expertise and certified engineering team recommends us both for turn-key projects and  individual project phases, according to our customers’ requirements.

At Global technical Group we design solutions that meet specific applications’ needs in industries in order to help enterprises to optimize their physical security systems, improve operational efficiencies, and prepare for a successful future.”

Mihai Stanescu
General Manager

Security Analysis & Consulting

Our experience in delivering Security Solutions is made available to our clients through our security analysis & consulting services. An efficient security mechanism is represented by much more than the physical security systems installed in a premise. The long-term costs and benefits, scalability and reliability must be taken into account when designing a security solution.

As the scope of any security department is to keep physical risks bound within the limits required both by law and company’s risk appetite, the process of identification and quantification of risk represents the foundation upon the security policies, procedures and infrastructure are built upon. Our specialists are fully prepared for in-depth risk analysis of operational characteristics, infrastructure, forecasted business growth and long term ownership costs. As such, we are able to deliver turn-key tailored solutions for our clients’ security needs.

System Design & Implementation

Our engineers and technicians work with exceedingly advanced security and fire systems, taking every precaution to ensure that each client benefits from the same safety we provide for our colleagues, families and loved ones.

Our fully integrated systems and unique software offer all-in-one monitoring of the entire safety and security system. We are able to offer full services for physical safety and security, from system design to technical consultancy, procurement and installation. Since we are not tied to specific hardware brands, our clients can be sure the technology we offer is right for each individual project.

System Testing & Maintenance

We validate projects after intensive testing procedures conducted under a strict trial methodology. Stress tests allow us to fine tune your systems in order to achieve maximum security performance.

Besides 24/7 remote monitoring and support, scheduled maintenance is performed  on all hardware equipment according to its specific technical requirements.

Since we are focused on the benefits delivered to your company by our solutions, we are strong advocates of predictive maintenance, deploying techniques designed to prolong the life of machinery and prevent critical situations.

Global Technical Group deploys qualified engineers for all testing and maintenance operations and takes over all responsibilities related to the well-functioning of your system.

Security Systems Integration & Monitoring

We bring you one of the most advanced monitoring and security management software platforms available at the moment, constructed on a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) secure system which integrates all modules, plus a web interface which allows an ergonomic visualization of incidents, alarms, equipment status and resource allocation.

The system allows for the integration of any type of equipment or software, from any manufacturer or developer, as the flexible core of this platform is fully customizable. That means greatly reduced implementation costs through the ability to re-utilize existing hardware, as well as greater variety in initial hardware selection.We achieve this by recompiling the hardware’s rmware, using its SDK (Software Development Kit). Moreover, the sharing of data between modules offers the unique feature of real time visualization and management of events, all based on the implementation of optimization algorithms. This solution includes advanced decision making instruments, and is further enhanced by allowing the optimization and customization of the graphic user interface according to the client’s requirements.

ERP for Security Management

Our light ERP (CAVI Smart Monitoring) system allows the full integration of internal and external information management between our modules and our client’s organization, thereby further cutting costs by managing acquisitions, budgets, maintenance and operations, as well as mapping business procedures into the ERP. Additionally, the platform allows for automated and customized reporting, which can be tailored to provide exactly the information desired. Apart from his online monitoring capabilities, CAVI Smart Monitoring  it is also a tool for management of resources, that allows the company to assume:

  • Lower operational costs with operational security costs:
    • Monitoring and intervention services;
    • Maintenance of hardware security equipment;
    • Guarding.
  • Remarkable performances in term of project efficiency with ROI in less than one year after implementing the platform.

NOC for Security Surveillance Services

Starting this year and in respect of his clients specific demands, given his long expertise in creating security dispatching centers for multi-location enterprises, Global Technical Group has started the creation of a National Operations Center (NOC) that will be able to provide to companies 24/7 professional security monitoring services. Our customer driven services will be assured with licensed security and technical professionals that will use the company expertise in:

  • Detection, analyze and immediate decision regarding security events;
  • System administration, configuration of equipment;
  • Remote systems monitoring, commands and technical support.

Using state of the art technology and modern equipment, our NOC can cover not only security systems monitoring (video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, fire detection), but it can also monitor systems like BMS, Smart Metering, People counters and other IoT devices.

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