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Real estate, banking, energy and retail sectors are the main investors in IoT technologies in Romania

Banks, oil and gas companies, retailers, and mall and office developers are the main Romanian investors in IoT technologies. They are investing from EUR several thousand and up to over EUR 1 million in the integration of complex security systems infrastructure, according to the Global Technical Group, one of the largest technology integrators in Romania.

Implementation costs vary according to the size of organizations, their specific needs and the recommended functionality. Implementation costs may, depending on company preferences, either in the form of a monthly subscription or as a single investment, where they can be recovered in less than one year.

”After a progressive period of investment and infrastructure growth at the national level, the need for their management, tracking and optimization has also emerged automatically, in a centralized manner and with the help of IoT solutions. In this context, we have developed the IoT Smart CAVI platform, able to integrate complex security systems, “life safety” systems, BMS building management systems, IT infrastructure or GPS systems for a considerable number of locations, ”says Fadi Rida, founder and CEO of the Global Technical Group.

Global Technical Group is one of the largest technology integrators in Romania, specialized in software development and supply of technological solutions for the efficiency of buildings and security infrastructures.


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