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Experts in adding efficiency and peace of mind to facility managers, we are a company that believes in seeing the big picture, while not forgetting the small details that can make tenants’ living conditions more enjoyable and owners’ investments more profitable.

Our building operating services cover all these important details and ensure functionality, safety, comfort, and business continuity for our clients.

We believe in a full service concept. And that is why our newly created operations center, in addition to maintaining all technical aspects of a property, extends its operations to include a number of value added services, such as BMS operating, security surveillance services within the buildings, managing tenants requests and monthly consumptions to special premises administration.


The long-term costs and benefits, scalability and reliability when choosing a building solution, a certain provider/equipment or simply benchmarking for best practices and trends in the industry must be taken  into account when decisions are ready to be taken.

Our experience in delivering building solutions & services is made available to our clients through our business process analysis & consulting services.

At Global Technical Group we have set our goals and ambitions to becoming one of the most trusted and recognizable brands of cutting edge engineering and technological solutions in Europe. A position and status that we hope to gain through the collective knowledge, the vision and management skills of our leaders, and through a corporate culture that cultivates efficiency, initiative and  protectiveness.

Proactive Technical Maintenance

Due to its long experience with building technologies and capacity to maintain equipment tested in the last 7 years, Global Technical Group has launched a “technical maintenance package for safe buildings” that contains :

  • proactive & predictive maintenance services;
  • recurrent revisions for building equipment functionalities;
  • on demand corrective interventions on sites.

Our engineers are experienced and fully qualified to maintain a comprehensive range of installations, such as building management systems (BMS), generators, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), elevators, data centers, security systems, fire systems and all other primary and secondary systems.

Security Monitoring Services

Starting this year and in respect of his clients specific demands, given his long expertise in creating security dispatching centers for multi-location enterprises, GTS has started the creation of a National Operations Center (NOC) that will be able to provide to companies 24/7 professional security monitoring services. Our customer driven services will be assured with licensed security and technical professionals that will use the company expertise in:

  • Detection, analyze and immediate decision regarding security events;
  • System administration, configuration of equipment;
  • Remote systems monitoring, commands and technical support.

Using state of the art technology and modern equipment, our NOC can cover not only security systems monitoring, but it can also monitor systems like BMS, Smart Metering, People counters and other IoT devices.

Meet The “Share Alert” Service

Share Alert is an innovative concept similar with ride-sharing applications specifically conceived for security intervention services allowing any interested multi-location enterprise to benefit from the quickest intervention time in case of a security emergency incident. It uses a central dispatch center that allows, via a GPS signal, the monitoring and communication with any intervention vehicle that is using a dedicated App especially designed for mobile devices.

The Application helps to:

  • Get the closest intervention team in the area (in case of a confirmed security event);
  • Communicate with the intervention team during the intervention mission;
  • Track available intervention vehicles 24/7;
  • Signal not covered areas on a range distance of 5 km;
  • See on map all locations under surveillance;
  • Map historical incidents and mark risky areas.

Building Operating Services

Through an unique IOT building management solution developed „in house” Global Technical Group is able at this moment to integrate all critical systems from multiple buildings and to combine data from sensors and equipment with powerful analytics to provide facility & property managers with „optimized everything” from core facilities maintenance to lease management, energy management and more.

Our customer driven services will be assured with licensed technical professionals that will use the company expertise in:

  • Detection, analyze and immediate decision regarding equipment and sensor events;
  • System administration, equipment configuration;
  • Remote systems monitoring, commands and technical support.

Special Premises Administration

We have structured our services to cover all the needs of our clients, by offering building and technical maintenance, to special premises as well such as – data centers, fuel stores or equipment manufacturing plants.

The implementation and management of these type of special premises can be either a success or a disaster. They must be designed with numerous parameters in mind, in order to ensure communications, information, sensitive data, financial services, records and so on are working perfectly, are user friendly and easily accessible, but highly secured.

And while design and implementation are highly important, another critical aspect is ensuring business continuity. The failure of any system can greatly impair operations, or even stop them altogether.

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