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Smart CAVI – IOT Platform

Smart CAVI IoT is a unique platform, that has the capability to integrate complex infrastructures of Security systems, Life Safety systems, BMS systems, IT infrastructure, or GPS systems, for a very large number of locations, with possibility to integrate any IOT device within a network that is easily scalable and operate from any kind of infrastructure like SaaS, Cloud or from own infrastructure on virtual or physical servers.

Smart CAVI started as a proprietary security information (PSIM) and migrated to a full IOT platform, unique in the world, integrating various sensors and devices, with built-in and customizable modules like: building management, business intelligence, ERP, infrastructure management and others.

Unlike any other competing software currently available in the world, CAVI takes all the feeds and signals originated by components of various vendors, filters them and then crosses the result with operational, management and even financial data in order to provide a bird’s-eye view over the entire infrastructure-related processes of your business.

Smart Security Management

We bring you one of the most advanced monitoring and security management software platforms available at the moment, constructed on a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) secure system which integrates all modules, plus a web interface which allows an ergonomic visualization of incidents, alarms, equipment status and resource allocation.

The system allows for the integration of any type of equipment or software, from any manufacturer or developer, as the flexible core of this platform is fully customizable. That means greatly reduced implementation costs through the ability to re-utilize existing hardware, as well as greater variety in initial hardware selection.We achieve this by recompiling the hardware’s rmware, using its SDK (Software Development Kit).

Moreover, the sharing of data between modules offers the unique feature of real time visualization and management of events, all based on the implementation of optimization algorithms. This solution includes advanced decision making instruments, and is further enhanced by allowing the optimization and customization of the graphic user interface according to the client’s requirements.

Smart Buildings & Facilities Management

IOT Technology is changing how buildings are used and can help you adapt your facilities  and property management strategy to one rapid change happening right at this moment.

Global Technical Group is able to provide you with a multi-building management solution that combines data from sensors and equipment with powerful analytics to optimize everything from core facilities maintenance to lease management, energy management and more – Smart CAVI IoT – Connected Buildings.

CAVI Connected Buildings leverages the convergence of IT and Building Technologies to provide a suite of data-focused services to reduce building operating costs by 30 % to 40%.

Cloud Smart Business & House Technologies

Our Group`s IOT capabilities make us to be able to provide a broad range of amenities that add value, comfort, energy efficiency, security and full technological integration to our client’s homes, business offices and/or vehicles.

From remote control and automation of  sites functions, such as lighting, shades and climate, control access doors opening to resting easy knowing their properties are completely secured and put under surveillance, we are able to provide a unique smart and safe IOT experience to each client.

In this respect, CAVI Safe Business was designed as a Cloud (both mobile and web) product addressed to entrepreneurs that claim, beside the comfort and certitude of a „safe business” that is being watched over, also live visibility on what is happening at their property at any time from anywhere.

Smart Fleet Management

Our corporate fleet management solution which allows the viewing of each vehicle’s route, improved management and control of drivers, keeping driving records and analysis of historical data in a cost-effective manner. This integrated solution can adapt to any business sector and can solve specific problems, characteristic to the unique components of each business, while improving team work and the productivity of resources.

Implemented in different business industries, the solution represents both an innovative product that can be used from the first phase of the implementation, as well as a service that can be tailored to the specific requirements of your business. Moreover, our solution can be used to make effective use of a company’s resources and to reduce costs while increasing employees productivity. Having clear and measurable benefits from the beginning, it is easy to realize how an investment in such a system is returned in just a few months, while providing an improved growth rate and higher revenues far after implementing the system.

Traffic Management

The Traffic Management Systems we offer increase efficiency and safety for both urban areas and highways. Smart traffic lights and real time traffic monitoring, as well as meteorological conditions monitoring, allow the system to assess and engage protocols that provide a better and safer driving experience. In addition, the system is designed to be easily integrated with public transportation modules, increasing the efficiency and capacity of public buses, trams and other vehicles, along with other modules such as radar control points, license plate surveillance and facial recognition.

In terms of highways, our Traffic Management Systems ensure a smoother flow of traffic and greatly increase capacity during peak hours through smart management, thereby circumventing the great costs associated with the old method of building new lanes. Computer systems monitor traffic load and patterns, automatically adjusting speed limits and opening the hard-shoulder as an additional lane in order to optimally facilitate traffic flows.

Urban Surveillance

Our urban surveillance systems drive the growth and business of cities by offering a safe, efficient and well functioning environment for their citizens. Central command centers remotely monitor a city wide surveillance array, detecting incidents by using intelligent video applications and dispatching the necessary countermeasures in order to actively and efficiently keep cities safe; and in the event of accidents, fires or other emergencies, response teams are immediately alerted. Moreover, due to its crime deterring function, individuals and private businesses can enjoy a higher level of safety.

The surveillance system also monitors city infrastructure, such as roads, public transportation, pedestrian and vehicle traffic flows, thereby allowing for better prioritization of expansions or repairs. the system can be fully integrated into other areas, such as malls, stadiums and traffic management systems, leading to an even higher level of safety and city optimization.

Hospitality Systems

Consider a hotel or luxury residential complex with many clients and tenants, all of which have diverse needs and demands that must be satisfied quickly and commendably. That’s where integrated hospitality systems come in. They allow full control and smart integration of lighting systems, air condition, audio & video systems and web services through a control device, smart phone or tablet.

In the case of hotels or luxury residential complexes, the system acts as a personalized concierge service, allowing guests to order room service or limousine services, find tickets to a show, have champagne waiting upon arrival and a multitude of other amenities. Additionally, the system learns guest’s and tenant’s preferences, remembering room temperatures, lighting conditions or favorite breakfast foods for the next visit, as well as making suggestions based on those preferences.

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