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IOT Solutions: Evolving Enterprise Security and managing resources with an unique ERP for Security Management

CAVI Smart Monitoring is a software solution dedicated to the monitoring and management of security systems – that integrates intrusion and fire detection, video, control access and GPS tracking – that was projected for companies with a significant number of locations (e.g banking, oil & gas, pharma etc…) and where one company can insure in a centralized manner:

  • live reception of alarms, accesses, transactions, system events, actions of operators configuration changes and system status;
  • reception of live or recorded video images;
  • aggregation of data from operational objectives and creation of an operational image and status of the security systems;
  • immediat diagnosis on signaled events (e.g. panic, intrusion, fire, communication losses etc) based on intelligent algorithms that have been developed;
  • 24/7 control over security equipments and data communications good fonctionning monitoring of response times of security intervention vehicules.

CAVI Smart Monitoring it is also a tool for management of ressources, taking into consideration  adjacent ERP facilities that have been developed (budgeting, procurement, and reporting) and that allow security managers to insure the followings :

  • operational administration of maintenance operations (orders, intervention charts, receptions, invoices);
  • control on payed security invoices;
  • updated budget administration for each security service line ( OPEX and CAPEX);
  • advanced financial reportings (expenses, investments, fixed assets etc) and specific reporting on security operations (alarms, events, interventions, guards, security equipments etc…);
  • updated inventory on security equipments (types, producers,suppliers etc..) and financial amortizations;
  • one clear image on insured security services for each location or security objective and direct corellation with operational risq analyses;
  • reliable budget projections over necessary security investments.

”While every industry has its unique challenges, securing employees, protecting company assets, and optimizing business operations is vital for all organizations today. Our integrated security software solutions developed and delivered by GTS Global Intelligence combine technology leadership and practical expertise to meet the diverse needs of modern-day enterprises.

We design solutions that meet specific applications’ needs in industries in order to help enterprises to optimize their physical security systems, improve operational efficiencies, and prepare for a successful future.”

Mihai Stanescu
General Manager

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