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Global Technical Group’s business reached an increase of 85% in 2018, with a turnover of 32 mil. Euro

Global Technical Group, a technology integrator specialized in software development and technology solutions for building efficiency and security infrastructure, present on the Romanian market, recorded last year a turnover of 32 million euros, increasing over 85% compared to 2017.

For the current year, the company relies on an advance of approximately 30%, up to a turnover of about 42 million euros.

“We see 2019 as a year of construction for years to come. The plan is to consolidate and expand traditional verticals, Building Technology and Security, depending on the absorption potential and the existing projects on the market. On the IoT segments and Operations Centers, we will continue to develop products / business models in a training market and for customers who want to invest now in business centralization and efficiency solutions in order to be more competitive tomorrow on a market in increasingly competitive and demanding”, says Fadi Rida, founder and CEO of the Global Technical Group.

The Global Technical Group’s plans for this year aim at an increase of about 30% at the staff level. Thus, for the current year, the company plans to increase the team with 100 employees, to about 400 employees. The company looks for employees for all 4 business lines: Building Technologies, Security, Software and Operations Centers.

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