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Get to know GTS competitive advantages: Technical Maintenance Service Package for Safe Buildings

Due to its long experience with building technologies and capacity to maintain equipment tested in the last 10 years, Global Technical Systems has launched a “technical maintenance package for safe buildings” that contains:

  • recurrent revisions for building equipment functionalities;
  • on demand corrective interventions on sites;
  • proactive & predictive maintenance services.

Our engineers are experienced and fully qualified to maintain a comprehensive range of installations, such as building management systems (BMS), generators, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), elevators, data centers, security systems, fire systems and all other primary and secondary systems.

At Global Technical Group we have set our goals and ambitions to becoming one of the most trusted and recognizable brands of cutting edge engineering and technological solutions in Europe.  A position and status that we hope to gain through the collective knowledge, the vision and management skills of our leaders, and through a corporate culture that cultivates efficiency, initiative and  pro-activeness.


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