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Get to know GTS competitive advantages: Smart CAVI – IOT Platform

CAVI Smart Monitoring Platform

CAVI Platform is a unique platform, that has the capability to integrate complex infrastructures of Security systems, Life Safety systems, BMS systems, IT infrastructure, or GPS systems, for a very large number of locations, with possibility to integrate any IOT device within a network that is easily scalable and operate from any kind of infrastructure like SaaS, Cloud or from own infrastructure on virtual or physical servers.

Smart CAVI started as a proprietary security information (PSIM) and migrated to a full IOT platform, unique in the world, integrating various sensors and devices, with built-in and customizable modules like: building management, business intelligence, ERP, infrastructure management and others.


Unlike any other competing software currently available in the world (Genetech, Milestone, Azitrend, UltraVision, Alvis, IVMS4200 by Hikvision and some proprietary software by Honeywell, General Electric and others), CAVI takes all the feeds and security signals originated by components of various vendors, filters them and then crosses the result with business, financial and even weather data in order to provide a bird’s-eye view over the entire security-related processes (including financial and budgeting information related to those processes).

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