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Get to know GTS and its newest innovative initiatives: CAVI Share Alert – “Uber like” interventions at your door

CAVI Share Alert

Software and Research division Global Intelligence announces tests finished successfully for an innovative application to be launched by the end of 2018.

CAVI Share Alert is a new concept on the market for  monitoring and interventions services (similar to the Uber or Star Taxi concept for taxi), that allows through GPS signal and from a central dispatch center, the monitoring and communication with mobile intervention vehicles that are using a dedicated App especially designed for tablets.

The application allows our clients to…

  • Get the closest intervention team in the area ( in case of a confirmed security event).
  • Communicate with the intervention team during the intervention mission.
  • Track available intervention vehicles 24/7;
  • Signal not covered areas on a range of a distance ;
  • See on map all locations under surveillance;
  • Map historical incidents and mark risky areas.”

…says Mihai Stanescu, Managing Partner & CTO @ GTS and will be commercialized both as a software module under license and also as a service package under a monthly fee.

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