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Fadi Rida, Global Technical Group: “The new technological standards are changing the concepts of building operations. Thus, human intervention and involvement are minimized”

Most office buildings currently under construction across the country are certified with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Environmental Assessment Method) standards. This is driven by the interest of investors in green building certification systems in the past three or four years.

Moreover, as the focus moves on improving the quality of life for employees with the help of technology, we can now refer to changing the concepts of building operations, says Fadi Rida, founder, and CEO of the Global Technical Group.

“Modern systems (from new office buildings) follow mobility trends, focusing on security systems, comfort, functionality, and operational optimization, using mobile terminals instead of access cards, combining employee security surveillance through video systems with applications that analyze the data collected, “says Fadi Rida.

Thus, “human intervention and involvement are limited, with the aim of analyzing abnormalities and patterns of behavior, thus managing resource efficiency, including the time that the team would otherwise have to allocate to analyze large quantities of uncorrelated information “.

But do they have the ability to create a “shift” between buildings built 5-10 years ago and those to be delivered?

“Certainly! A realistic approach of migrating towards the technologies of the future implies a balance between the current situation and the solutions implemented in the past. It is essential to have the ability to combine deployments and solutions existing in 5-10 year-old buildings with future technologies and ensure optimization of this shift so that you keep in mind the investments already made and create appetite for new concepts without throw in the garbage already made investments and give reasons for postponing the implementation of new technologies, “says the CEO of the Global Technical Group.

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