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People development is a constant priority for our Group of companies. For this, we have a set of managerial and operational competences as the foundation for building career and competency development plans for our employees.

As an employee of our company, you only have to set increasingly ambitious objectives, search for mentors to help you achieve your potential and identify those projects that give you the possibility to permanently improve your skills.

With us, you will find a learning-oriented culture that provides various training and professional development actions, internal job rotation projects for the employees, Coaching and Mentoring programs and leadership programs. We want experienced people in the electrical engineering, security systems and software development fields, performers in their area of expertise, willing to work in an organization with a performance-driven culture, very dynamic and strong entrepreneurial spirit.

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We believe in innovative technologies, passionate engineers and team spirit. We have grown and developed a lot over the past 10 years, transferring our knowledge to people who share our values.

GTS supports the transfer of know-how between generations and the implementation of the theoretical knowledge acquired during the studies, as well as the development of engineering and project-management skills.

If you are a young and passionate engineer, you have the opportunity to learn from the people who have developed their career and discover what’s right with your skills.
You can choose from the following areas: design, execution, bidding, project management, procurement, project rollout.

We pride ourselves on ambitious projects, carried out with care, both in Romania and in Europe by our professionals.

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