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Engineering Excellence

Global Technical Group prides itself with being able to offer our clients some of the best engineering solutions available today. While our services are split into a broad range of specializes, they are best utilized in combination through our full service, integrated delivery approach. A concept developed by our best engineers after years of experience with multi-tiered projects.

Unlike outdated multiple-provider methods, our team manages all aspects and every phase of a project, from initial development and planning, through to execution and turn-key delivery, and then the maintenance thereafter. This complete picture and single point of contact approach ensures better coordination and schedule management, higher quality execution and lower costs for our clients.

And in order to be able to guarantee high quality equipment and the best prices, we have built strong partnerships with some of the most reliable companies in the world, such as Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider, Samsung, Philips, APC and many more.

Project Design & Development

Our engineers use their knowledge and experience to design projects that consider both short and long-term costs and yields, as well as numerous other factors to ensure superior quality and a high return on investment for our clients.

Our energy efficient designs and integrated solutions are effective and easy to maintain. Moreover, they substantially lower operating costs while also demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

In terms of the types of installations and solutions applied, we have built relationships with various top-tier brands, in order to guarantee our clients the best possible combination of systems for their project.

Energy Efficient & Green Buildings

Every year brings with it new technologies in energy efficiency. We not only offer our clients these breakthroughs and stay current on the latest advances, but also participate in the studies that bring these technologies to fruition. We would like to mention some of the developments through which we managed to reduce our client’s biggest costs – lighting, space heating and cooling:

  • Solid State Lighting: Inorganic and organic light emitting diodes that replace incandescent and fluorescent lighting;
  • Integrated Energy Equipment: Multi-function combined heat and power technologies that integrate multiple energy services to reduce costs and increase efficiency (cooling, heating, hot water, dehumidification, and so on);
  • Efficient Operations Technologies: Information technology to improve the functions and efficiency of energy-using equipment.

Electrical Installations

Our team of engineers is both highly experienced and fully certifed to provide turn-key electrical installation services for all types of projects such as office, residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, data centers, stadiums, arenas, train stations and airports.

Our specialized teams are capable of serving clients in any country or language, but more importantly, to comply with the codes and standards of those nations. Our team of engineers successfully managed complex projects, such as large scale airports, adapting and configuring plans, priorities and strategies on a moment’s notice, all while working in parallel with numerous other providers and still maintaining efficiency and quality of work that far surpasses the competition.

HVAC & Sanitary Installations

Our expertise in building installations extends beyond the electrical and also includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as sanitary installations for large scale projects.

In keeping with our full service, turn-key delivery concept, our engineers design and develop the best possible systems for our clients’ projects, including integration with building management systems (BMS), that lower operating costs, simplify maintenance, offer better response times, and at the same time improve comfort and climate conditions.

Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems are integral for controlling, monitoring and optimizing all systems within modern buildings. Our specific implementations offer a multitude of benefits to tenants and owners; most noteworthy of which is better control of climate and comfort conditions, especially zone division, leading to a statistically confirmed increase of employee productivity, or client satisfaction in the case of hotels. Additionally, time and money is saved in terms of maintenance, as well as long-term energy cost savings through better automation and monitoring.

As for the owners, they benefit from an increased rental value, flexibility in building and area use, remote monitoring of systems and functionality (fire, electrical, HVAC etc.), early detection of problems, effective use of maintenance staff and most of all, large cost reductions.

Safety and Security Systems

Our engineers and technicians work with exceedingly advanced security and fire systems, taking every precaution to ensure that each client benefits from the same safety we provide for our colleagues, families and loved ones.

Our fully integrated systems and unique software offer all-in-one monitoring of the entire security and fire systems, which are composed of advanced fire sensors from some of the world’s most trusted brands, such as Honeywell, Siemens and Schrack, extinguishing gases like Novec, top of the line CCTV systems by Samsung, Mobotix and Bosch, and access control systems by Siemens and Samsung.

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