About Global Technical Group

At Global Technical Group we have set our goals and ambitions to becoming one of the most trusted and recognizable brands of cutting edge engineering and technological solutions in Europe. A position and status that we hope to gain through the collective knowledge, integrity and dedication of our employees, through the vision and management skills of our leaders, and through a corporate culture that cultivates teamwork, initiative and ingenuity.

We believe in fostering talent by mentoring the bright young minds that join our company and, in this way, have developed a cohesive and highly effective team culture that offers unparalleled services to our clients.

Among many advantages in working with us, one that stands at the forefront is our full service concept. More precisely, we have the capability of assisting our clients with a broad range of services and expertise, from the development phase to the completion of a project and even maintenance services thereafter. In this way, our clients enjoy a single point of contact, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency, effectiveness and exceedingly successful project results.

Finally, we view the beginning of our business relationships as a starting foundation for long term strategic partnerships and embark on these joint ventures with the notions of integrity, longevity and an ambition for mutual prosperity.