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IoT Solutions

Romanian provider of technology solutions for building efficiency and security, Global Technical Group is “challenging the next IOT tomorrow” with his flagship product: CAVI Smart Monitoring

Full enterprise IOT platform to monitor and manage complex infrastructure demands Smart CAVI is a unique platform that has the capability to integrate complex infrastructures of Security systems, Life Safety systems, BMS systems, IT infrastructure, or GPS systems, for a very large number of locations, with possibility to integrate any IOT device within a network that is easily scalable and operate from any kind of infrastructure like SaaS, Cloud or from own infrastructure on virtual…


IoT Devices


Global Technical Group, part of the innovative workspace project ‘The Leading Edge Office Work Environment’

We are proud to offer our customers some of the best engineering solutions available today. Our engineers use their knowledge and experience to design projects that consider both short and long-term costs and yields, as well as numerous other factors to ensure superior quality and a high return on investment for our clients. ‘The Leading Edge Office Work Environment’ project aims to provide employees with a work environment that stimulates virtual and physical interaction, an…

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IoT Solutions

CAVI Safe Business – Cloud Smart Business Technologies & Fleet Management for SME & SOHO

Our platform IOT capabilities make us to be able to provide a broad range of amenities that add value, comfort, energy efficiency, security and peace of mind to our client’s homes, business offices and/or vehicles. From remote control and automation of sites functions, such as lighting, control access doors opening to resting easy knowing their properties are completely secured and put under surveillance, we are able to provide a unique smart and safe IOT experience…


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Summer of 2019, turning point for office buildings market in Bucharest. The market will have to absorb a large volume of new buildings

The market will have to absorb a large volume of new buildings and the critical point will be summer of 2019, says the representative of the largest electrical engineering and security services company. The year 2019 could be a turning point on the office buildings market, as it is expected to deliver a large volume of buildings that the market will have to absorb, said Fadi Rida, general manager of Global Technical Systems. He had…

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Fadi Rida, GTS Group General Manager

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The Romanian GTS Group relies on 35 million euros in business in 2018

Romanian group of companies Global Technical Systems, specialized in software development and technology solutions for building efficiency and security infrastructure, estimates that at the end of this year is on track to achieve a turnover of €35 milion. Global Technical Systems group owns nowadays three companies with different business activities, offering innovative technology solutions for corporations to help them increase efficiency. These three companies completed last year with a total turnover of over €17 million,…